About Melissa

Hi There, I'm Melissa

I was widowed when I was nine months pregnant, and I recognized that life-altering day, that God gifted me a new opportunity to serve, share love, and uplift those in need. I made a decision to utilize my personal story as a springboard to educate, encourage, and empower others, as I aim to set a powerful tone which showcases resiliency and continued momentum. I actively share my message by encouraging authentic leadership, inspiration, and resolution.

As the President of the National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR), the Founder and President of The Mark Wandall Foundation, a national advocate for Families for Safe Streets, a powerful force behind the passing of Florida’s Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, and a spokesperson and ambassador for both Vision Zero and Target Zero platforms, I utilize my passion, my skillset, and my expertise to engage others, helping all to achieve greater impact.

I am not just an Advocate. I am YOUR Advocate.

I Believe that Authenticity Fosters Empowerment

Today, my passion lies in building strong, organized advocates. I have created the “Universal Approach to the 5 Stages of Advocacy” that will incite both organizations and individuals to take action! I will guide others to take strength from challenges faced, learn from them and make positive choices that will impact and benefit the lives of others.

“Out of the wreck, I rise.”

Guardian of Life award

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Remember, Advocacy Matters!

Washington DC March 2023! Melissa & advocates from around the country at the League of American Bicyclists – Summit 2023.
The goal of building a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone! Participated in Lobby Days which allowed us to go to the Capitol to meet with local policymakers.

Professional Bio

As President of the National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR), Melissa has set out to change highway safety and reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by traffic collisions. NCSR’s mission is “To connect and empower survivor advocates of traffic-related tragedies with the tools and resources needed to take actions supporting an end to road violence.”

As an advocate Melissa was instrumental in passing Florida’s Mark Wandall Traf-fic Safety Act allowing Florida communities to utilize Red Light Safety Cameras to help curb negligent behaviors, make streets safer and save lives.

In addition to her commitment to NCSR’s mission, Melissa is dedicated to facilitating support for children in grief. She is the Founder and President of The Mark Wandall Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization. The initial focus affords provisions and assistance to grieving children & teens who have lost a primary family member or guardian.

Furthermore Melissa is an active Coalition member, spokesperson and campaign ambassador for Alert Today Florida an organization that works to implement Florida’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategic Safety Plan. She is also a Vision Zero Champion. The goal of Vision Zero is to eliminate all road deaths and serious injuries.

Consistent, focused and with a natural ability to engage others, she utilizes her personal life story as a springboard to effect positive change. Known as a passionate presenter by numerous insurance companies, government agencies and business leaders, Melissa’s genuine spirit influences the hearts of her listeners inspiring motivation and purpose.

As an Advocacy Consultant, Melissa actively travels the U.S. and internationally, participating in speaking engagements and workshops sharing her message by encouraging authentic leadership, inspiration, and resolution.



  • 2023 Guardian of Life Award
  • 2022 The Mark Wandall Foundation, Finalist, Manatee Chamber’s, non-profit category, 42nd Annual Small Business of the Year Award
  • 2021 Vision Zero Hero (Gulf Coast Safe Streets Summit)
  • 2021 Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization
  • 2020 Community Partner Award
  • 2018 SRQ2 Local Philanthropic Hero Award
  • 2018 (November) MADD SuperHero
  • 2018 Professional Women in Advocacy Nominee – Excellence in Advocacy by an Up and Coming Advocate
  • 2018 Professional Women in Advocacy Nominee – Excellence in Advocacy for a Controversial Issue Campaign
  • 2017 Professional Women in Advocacy Nominee – Excellence in Advocacy Up and Coming Practitioner
  • 2016 Distinguished Service to Safety Award Winner – The National Safety Council
  • 2016 Professional Women in Advocacy Nominee – Excellence in a State Issue Campaign
  • 2013 President of the National Coalition for Safer Roads
  • 2012 State Farm “WHERE ARE THEY NOW” Award
  • 2011 Bay News 9 EVERYDAY HERO Award
  • 2010 Instrumental in the passage of the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act
  • 2010 State Farm Embrace Life Award
  • 2008 MDRT Main Platform Speaker
  • 2008 Sara Griffin Hughes Award
  • 2006 Real Life Story Recipient by the Life Foundation / Newsweek
  • 2004 Founded The Mark Wandall Foundation