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A Decade-Long Struggle for Safer Intersections in Florida

In a unanimous decision earlier this month, the Florida Supreme Court upheld legislation known as the “Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act,” allowing Florida municipalities to continue to use cameras to ticket motorists who run red lights. Click here for full story!...

Good Luck today Champ

I am still wrapping my head around the fact that I am in DC today to be a part of an amazing press conference to get our policy makers as well as our citizens to step up and take a hold of what is truly happening on our National Roadways and that there ARE ways to...

Highway Safety An Underserved Priority

Highway Safety is an under-served priority for our politicians? WHY? Negligent and with arrogance, on Thursday the Commissioners from the City of Miami unanimously voted to discontinue the use of the Red Light Safety Cameras.

Seasons Greetings, Grief!

SEASONS GREETINGS! Well, it feels so loud these days. It seems as if people are shouting it when in truth their tone is probably no different than it has ever been. This year it just seems loud! Upon the death of a loved one life becomes foreign. It is almost as if...

Dance Always

As we step into the dawn of each new day - we all step into uncharted territory. We can not predict what our day will be like. We can plan all we want but the day has already been written - if we knew a tragic outcome would occur- would we still enter the “day?” If I...

Equipped With Love

Each and every day I choose to “see” and “feel” #love no matter my personal circumstances. Love truly moves us through our most defining moments and equips us to have compassion for others misunderstanding of their own life struggles.

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