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Dance Always

As we step into the dawn of each new day - we all step into uncharted territory. We can not predict what our day will be like. We can plan all we want but the day has already been written - if we knew a tragic outcome would occur- would we still enter the “day?” If I...

Equipped With Love

Each and every day I choose to “see” and “feel” #love no matter my personal circumstances. Love truly moves us through our most defining moments and equips us to have compassion for others misunderstanding of their own life struggles.

Love Grown Up!

Words will never express my intimate deep heartache, my hope is that my actions have

Authentic Advocacy will not AGITATE but ENGAGE

From experience my belief is an Authentic Advocate will not agitate but engage.
Today, we have many advocates around the country utilizing their passionate voices for their specific cause.

A Simple Sustainable Hug

Grief is ever present in our life. It is experienced through death, divorce, depression and/or challenges that we face. Sometimes we personally do not experience grief but friends, acquaintances and those we love the most do.

Finding Peace in Grief

There are moments when the heart is full and moments when the heart aches.
Giving oneself permission to feel is a great gift that few possess. We have grown accustomed to forging ahead, moving through, letting go and living on.

Words of Wisdom

I wanted to share one of Dr. Siegel “Prescription for The Soul” message. I truly hope that you will take the time to read, utilize and then leave me a comment on how you felt after living even one of these virtues.

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