Love; the essence of our inner beauty 

Melissa Wandall

Love is the essence of our inner beauty that brightly defines our outer beauty.

Love is the pieces that we keep that will inspire us to shine on, step out and forgive ourselves and others. 

Love is the reason to step into our day no matter what happens and is the reason we can also love, let go and live on.

Love is the reminder of the beauty and depth of our souls when they intertwine with others. Love never dies, love never ages and love will always win. Be it through trials, triumphs and tribulation, love grounds us, celebrates us and gifts us many opportunities to grow through all of our circumstances in this life.

Love is not exclusively about someone loving you enough or the way you want to be loved, it is about loving ourselves enough, forgiving ourselves enough and embracing the past, the present and the future with love. If we embrace our own love, it will move us through our most defining moments! 

Love is a bridge that moves us through hard times, moves us through tragedies and even helps us hold on to the most exquisite-joyful moments of our lives, the pieces of love that empowers us on one day only we can take away from ourselves on the next. 

Do not be sad today because it is supposed to be the biggest love day of all and maybe you feel isolated, overwhelmed and lonely in this day! 

YOU are LOVE! YOU are your greatest gift. We can all do hard things; YOU can CHOOSE to love you today! 

You show LOVE who you are and how you will define this Valentine’s Day. Step into love and see the grand gift in you today! Shine YOUR light, your love, your inner beauty and you will speak volumes without saying anything at all. You will be a magnet that others will want to embrace. 

I thank God for gifting me with Love in this lifetime. For enabling me to hold on to the pieces of love that have defined me today and have enabled me to hold on to and be a reflection of the simplicity of love. 

May I be the vision of love and light even on the hardest days and may YOU step into your love and your light today. 

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Melissa Wandall

International Keynote Speaker. Dedicated to educate, encourage and empower individuals and organizations for greater impact.

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