Authentic Advocacy will not AGITATE but ENGAGE

by | May 11, 2017 |

From experience my belief is an Authentic Advocate will not agitate but engage.

Today, we have many advocates around the country utilizing their passionate voices for their specific cause. Some advocates get tired and even more angry because they feel like their voices are not being heard and/or appreciated. We have to take a quiet look inside ourselves to see how we are sharing our message. Is it being shared in Anger or Love?

Anger does not change a situation or draw people into ones’ cause, it only tears apart and breeds resentment. In order to educate and make a difference, try changing the approach. If you want people to feel your heart (your cause) you must have compassion for their misunderstanding.

I believe if we speak with simplicity, we speak with Power! It is one thing that another can not take away from us. It is up to us as individuals how we utilize that power. That power can either derail our cause or push it forward. I choose to use truth. Powerful truth to inspire and educate others on my advocacy efforts. This method of simple, strong truth, quietly speaking from my heart has not failed me.