Dance Always


As we step into the dawn of each new day – we all step into uncharted territory. We can not predict what our day will be like. We can plan all we want but the day has already been written – if we knew a tragic outcome would occur- would we still enter the “day?”

If I knew… I would take it and I would take it with 100% guarantee that there may not be a tomorrow. Once you are touched by unconditional love how can turn away from it -even if you were only privy to it briefly?

Mark was golden. Truly a beautiful person on the inside and out. A man that loved and cherished his parents, loved being a big brother and could not wait to be a father. He loved fervently, honestly and with deep compassion. He loved life and never accepted drama yet embraced tolerance. He was a gorgeous man on the outside and his beauty inside radiated such peace and comfort to all those he came in contact.

Perhaps I continue to walk through my days peacefully because he left me with the light and love he so genuinely possessed here on this earth?

It is a work of God that we hear songs on days when we are seeking. This song will not leave my “head and/or my heart.” Why? I love music but this is not a song or performer I would seek out. Looking up the lyrics I am simply astounded. October 24, 2003 is a day that will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life. It was truly the last day we danced, the last day we held one another and the last day I would ever physically hear you speak. You are missed greatly, loved deeply and your life will always be honored. If I knew…I would do it all over again…..“I could have missed the pain but I’d had to miss the dance.”

(Totally worth the listen)


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