If God Choose, I Shall Love Thee Better After Death

by | Oct 24, 2017 |

We never know in life what we will face but knowing you have someone to share with completely makes life beautiful. We never took each other for granted, we were never arrogant in our love, and we promised always to say good night and to never walk out the door without authentically saying “I love you.” We fit completely and eloquently together. I was the “Cougar” and he thought that was great! He would always say “its perfect Melis, when its our time we will just go together.” He is my forever love and he took the biggest piece of my heart with him to heaven. We will never know what we will face in life and knowing you have to face it without the one you miss the most is terrifying on any given day.

Today, I found our wedding “program” and it almost took my breath away as I remembered how we had decided to put the poem “How do I love thee” in it. The last paragraph says ” I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
with my lost saints. I love thee with the breadth, smiles, tears of all my life! And if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death.”

Somehow, someway it is true. If I did not think I could love him anymore while he was with me, I love him even more today. We should have celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary today.(10/19) I can not even begin to think of all the memories we did not make(it is too overwhelming) instead I have to think of the time we made while he was still here! This picture is my favorite photo because it is a testimony of how the took care of me always. Gently, lovingly and unconditionally. Thank you my forever love, you are greatly missed.