Equipped With Love

by | Sep 30, 2017 |

Each and every day I choose to “see” and “feel” #love no matter my personal circumstances. Love truly moves us through our most defining moments and equips us to have compassion for others misunderstanding of their own life struggles. When we choose love we navigate the muddy waters that hate attempts to seep into our individual “being” and “attempts” to over flow into our society.

We create “hate” in this life yet each and every person was born into love. Somehow along the way we forget that love over-powers and over shadows hate. Love is who we are! Hate is a learned behavior that can grow and “fester” if we let it. It is more time consuming and life-threatening to hate. It creates unnecessary “grief” in our lives while love fosters peace.

Love is easy and uncomplicated. Today and each day when I get on my knees to pray – I pray for the healing of this country. I pray with compassion and love in order to restore peace in this life. On my knees I pray for peace, truth and Gods love to over power the ugliness that attempts to seep into our individual homes. All that know me know that “hate” is not welcome in my home and never will be because it is MY choice.

You may not see this “Heart” that Irma created in my backyard, but I do. And every day I thank God for giving me the ability to see love in all forms so that he may work through me to create more peace and love in this life. #GodIsLove #MarkedThruHearts #PrayerIsPowerful #LoveOverPowersHate#MarkedByGrace #ChooseLove