To Feel Sprightly Beautiful, once More!


Feeling “beautiful” and sharing those sentiments with others does NOT mean that we think we are “physically” beautiful.

It means that whether it comes from the peace of God, the Joy of our children, the Love of our signigicant other, our friends, those we care for or our work we feel beautiful inside and it shines sprightly on the outside.

This week I have rcognized what “beauty secret” was missing in my life. It was an “ah-ha” moment for me.

(Now, do not feel sorry for me, this is not a call or a cry for help and/or a “I am sad, doomed, washed up, has been, etc.) It is truth. It is reality. It is recognizing what I have been missing, how I will  work to be present each day to honor this discovery in my life and how I will move forward to make the change that needs to be made to bring my own self-beauty back into my life. (God is good and I am counting on his help to remind me to strive to “be” there.)

Yes! I am going to bring it up, it is part of the “beauty.”

I am 18 years a Widow aka “Wise, Independent, Devoted, Optimistic, Woman.”

I was NOT a Widow by CHOICE but I have stayed a Wise Independent Devoted Optimistic Woman BY CHOICE.

I had a beautiful husband that loved me, I have a daughter that was born into my newly widowed status. It WAS and IS my priority to raise our daughter in this complicated, ever-changing world. In the midst of this life, the “feeling” of my “beauty secret” started to grow weary and stale.

My beauty secret was the way my husband loved me. I felt BEAUTIFUL every day.  Even when I woke up puffy, bloated and nauseous from my pregnancy. ( I am sure I was a site! LOL!) But one look from Mark-even in my most undesirable moments lifted me to feel loved, whole and simply beautiful.

The demand “we” all put on ourselves in the world we live in today,  the pressures that come with everyday life, the long list of to-do’s that consume us and can never be crossed off and the care for others can simply make me (and YOU)  feel un-flattering and un-glorious no matter what “good” we are doing in life.

So in the absence of GRAND LOVE in my life how will I work to “FEEL” beautiful once again…?

Here are my thoughts;

I will consciously remind myself that being loved beautifies my soul and radiates to my outward appearance.  I will start paying attention to my “thoughts” through non-judgemental awareness due to this new discovery.

Now that I have uncovered my “beauty-lack” what are my “next-steps?” I will cherish and hold those memories (which are incredible gifts that Mark left me with) and potentially create new ones as I forge on this journey in my life. I now know the secret I lack to feeling completely whole again and I am sure that many of you can relate.

This revelation from my heart to yours is for many of us. We are all seeking the “secret” to happiness, fulfillment, less anxiety and less fear. Many times we look at the outside to feel fulfilled, good enough and yes, attractive enough!

It is not about the outside world but our own inside “world” that will fulfill us and beautify us (inside and out) at the end of the day.

If you are seeking, take the time to find your “beauty secret.” Meditate on it.  YOU will find it.

Even though my husband is no longer walking this earth with me he has left a footprint on my soul. His whisper of deep love leads my heart to contentment and reminds me to take the time to move forward, “taste” life and simply embrace all its highs and lows so that I can get back on the path of feeling nothing less than “Sprightly beautiful.”


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