Good Luck today Champ


I am still wrapping my head around the fact that I am in DC today to be a part of an amazing press conference to get our policy makers as well as our citizens to step up and take a hold of what is truly happening on our National Roadways and that there ARE ways to prevent injuries and deaths due to Roadway Tragedies. We need to implement laws that act as safety nets in order to educate, encourage and empower all mankind to step up and take part in saving lives and driving down heartache.

A new for me today is that I have been asked to bring a picture of Mark to display. Truly – I am not a survivor advocate that does this. I always think the advocates that do this have so much bravery, courage and incredible fortitude. I am not that brave. In thinking about how I am going to carry his his picture into our press conference leaves a slight lump in my throat. How will I do this? How will I trick my brain?

And just when I am searching I hear In my head “Good Luck today Champ, I am proud of you always!” and “My heart is always with you!”

How? When? Did I hear right? I immediately went back into my old blogs and found the note that Mark had wrote to me about 3 months prior to his passing.

Today is for all of the survivor advocates that stand proudly with your loved ones picture daily to get people to understand you just simply want to save lives. Today I will take your strength and hold my picture bravely knowing that love never ends and it will always pull me through my most defining moments. I will also stand bravely today holding his picture because he did not get the chance to have a voice and my brothers has been silenced due to his immense pain. I thank  God daily for the love, prayers and support I receive from family, friends and people I have never met! They are needed and gently embraced! I do not take any of you for granted and I thank God for my ability to utilize my voice in order to serve others. I also Thank God for my daughters strength – she is the epitome of bravery and I will miss her not being by my side today at this press conference in DC for Advocates of Auto and Highway Safety!

Never be afraid to utilize your voice, know that love never dies, love gives courage and love is always present in your most pivotal moments.


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