This Podcast was with Randy Zipse of Global Atlantic/Accordia




“Thank you to Randy Zipse for inviting me to share my story on the value of Life Insurance.
It has been 14 years since the passing of my young husband Mark Wandall who was one of the best financial Advisors in the business!

Mark would never sell anything to his clients that he would not buy himself.

It became clearly evident when His life ended too soon at the hands of a red-light runner.
One year and 5-days married and 9 months pregnant I was now on my own to provide for my family!

Or was I? Thankfully Mark had purchased life insurance.

If only he were here to see the good works that has been accomplished in his memory…
With the gift of Life Insurance I set out to change driving behavior, help children in grief heal, care for my young daughter and to utilize my voice for the higher good!

Please listen to this podcast and find out just what is happening in Mark Wandall’s name. It is a story of authentic love, fortitude and the powerful impact life insurance has had on a family, a community and our nation!

After hearing this story, my hope is that you will have me speak at your next event… and that someone seeking may hear this and purchase life insurance for their family!  This Life insurance story teaches us that you do not have to just survive in life but you can thrive in life.


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Melissa Wandall

International Keynote Speaker. Dedicated to educate, encourage and empower individuals and organizations for greater impact.