Unveiling Reflections on Us


This man…This love…This mountain of living without him. This gift…this gift in him and of the work that is healing in his name and in this life because we simply loved.

His laughter, our laughter, our bond and these memories, ours to keep and mine to cherish.

These “snap-shots” of life, to brief to comprehend yet to bold and beautiful to ignore will once again be tucked away deep within my soul until it is time to reach back in my heart & explore.

I will cherish my life now and the time we had in our life then.

This love, our love even though physically absent will heal, give hope and live on.   The smiles, the laughter and the love…it will never be taken for granted and I will always be grateful.

10/19/20 Our anniversary.  Thank you, my forever love, it was one amazing ride.

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Melissa Wandall

International Keynote Speaker. Dedicated to educate, encourage and empower individuals and organizations for greater impact.

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