Authenticity Fosters Empowerment

I feel that we too often expect more of ourselves than needed. We look to what other people are doing. What is their secret for success? How can I buy what they are "selling."

I feel that we too often expect more of ourselves than needed. We look to what other people are doing. What is their secret for success? How can I buy what they are “selling.” We see people succeed and fail everyday. It should not be a measure of success but a measure of growth.  As human beings, striving to be the best we often forget that it is our passion and desire for what we are expressing  that will cause us to fail or succeed.

Whether your motivation to succeed is for personal or business never give up on what you believe in. Stay true to your purpose, your mission and your core values. The only one that can “derail” one is oneself!  People “buy in” when they feel your passion. True authenticity fosters empowerment.

Due to a very painful event in my private life I authentically and wholehearteddly wanted to find a way to curb the behaviors of red light running. That meant stepping into a very political unchartered territory. The odds were against me before I even began but I did not let that consume me. I never listened to the “chatter.”  What consumed me was my plight to save lives in my husbands death. I embraced the power of me and the vast purpose behind my cause.  After 6 years of education and outreach in April 2010 the House voted in the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act that gives communities in Florida the consent to install red light safety cameras to reduce the risk of being seriously injured or killed by red light runners.

The love for my husband Mark and our daughter, Madisyn Grace; born just 2 short weeks after this preventable crash fuels my endless desire to never give in to the skepticism, fear and negative “opinions” brought on by the opposition.
Even to this day (January 2016) I am a “tireless” advocate and I will see through the longevity of the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act. Each preventable crash protects a life from injury or death and in turn reduces economic impact to our communities. Portions of fines from The Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act go to the Miami Project to cure paralysis as well as 21 level 1 trauma centers in the state of Florida. My passion for highway safety has lead to not only saving lives but changing lives as well.

Red light running seriously injures, maims and kills. The Red light safety cameras in Florida are absolutely doing what they were designed to do. The cameras are not failing our communities; due to fear SOME of our elected officials are failing our camera programs that were put in place to protect our communities. We must remember that someone (Mark Wandall) had to die in order for this safety technology to be implemented. This may not be enough for some that have no idea what a preventable loss means, but it was enough to fuel the vast desire to lead my cause.

Do not ever give up on your  mission in life whether for personal or business. Do know when to give in and work with people that may not necessarily share your compassion for your cause/product but are willing to compromise on a solution that works for everyone  involved.

I look at this video (below) often when I start to doubt my self worth and it reminds me that even though the work was hard it was worth every emotion that I experienced. Due to my authentic belief to save lives it empowered others to “buy in,” too.

I am also reminded of the constant love and belief that I had in my heart to pass this bill that still remains with me today. I have not wavered I know for a fact this program will continue to heal, give hope and save lives for years to come.

Nonsense, both political and otherwise will come and go. It is unfortunately a part of our society today. It is we, who have to look at ourselves and remember how and why we got here in the first place. With grace, purpose and authenticity empowerment is fostered. With this formula you will grow and you will be successful.

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