Unveiling the depth of hidden emotions


Love, loss and the experiences in life are all deep within my soul. They move with me each day as I navigate the days the best I know how. One thing I do know it is always with God’s direction and grace.

What is below the surface will surely rise…it always does. What matters is how I will allow my life experiences, each intricate feeling, to impact others.

What and when I will allow my personal emotions to be seen is a mystery, even to me.

I must have the ability to nurture each one of my experiences; the good, bad and the ugly before I can let them be seen by others. It is a promise I have always kept to me.

I am feeling my way through life at times gently floating on the surface, at other times momentarily  “sinking” as I fight my way back up.

The peace in the serenity that you see floating on top of my emotions are real and authentic. For me the silence of emotions doesn’t mean that I do not feel them. It means I work every day to honor them so that I can live out the peace in the midst of the tattered turmoil that goes on below the surface.

Today I choose, as TimeLess Widow to  start Unveiling the layers of Hidden Emotions.

The true beauty resides in the layers and layers and layers down below. The life experiences that have made up me. 

Beyond what you see as “me” on the surface, has a much bigger story to tell.

It is the underground, far beneath the deep waters, inside of my soul that make me…Timeless Widow who she is today.

I have so much more to learn about “me” and when I do I will release each piece of me through TimeLess Widow in order to inspire anyone seeking to feel, to love, to heal and to not be afraid of the depth of emotion we all carry below the surface.

We have so much inner healing to experience in this life. Perhaps if each of us worked on “us” first the world would be healthier, happier and full of less hate.

TimeLess Widow is me and for me. It is time to open up all the layers that I have lovingly embraced, some that I have chosen to hide deep within and others that I have honored  in order to impact my feelings first.

It is always my hope that whomever needs to “hear” this the most will and it will awaken their heart, their soul, their mind to the possibility that YOU will be okay and you are not alone. You will not sink. When one has mastered  to embrace your own struggles that you too, one day will unveil all of YOU in the time and space you see appropriate, if you so desire.

We are all just floating on the surface waiting for our darkest emotions down deep to arise. If the emotions deep down in the murky waters are never felt or seen they can easily do harm to oneself and to others.

We must not let this happen. Lets take each of our struggles, imperfections and life experience and rise. Rise in order to feel, to hope and to love. Together is always better than alone and together we will rise, we will not sink, we will honor all that we are and all that we strive to be.



*Image by Melissa Robinson

*TimeLess Widow Unveils HIdden Emotions

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