Unveiling Freedom in Forgiveness

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Jumping into forgiveness sparked a fierce fire in my soul.  Jumping into forgiveness allowed me to have the freedom to walk life’s circumstances whether good, bad or ugly, in authentic love.

We have to forgive that life often times, brings heartache and pain. If we choose to take what we have been given God will give us the grace to see beauty and joy in the midst of our heartache and/or lifes challenges. Perhaps this is the space where we learn to grow and thrive; Forgiveness.

The driver that changed our lives forever broke my heart, left my daughter without a father and left my brother emotionally debilitated but did not define my life in a despondent way.

My sisters cancer diagnosis and death as a young teen silenced me for years but did not harden my heart.

My parents have experienced challenges that would make most give up on life but it did not make me bitter towards others.

So many facets in my life could have taken me down a road of rage and resentment but I believe God instilled forgiveness on my heart to carry me through all of my challenges then, now and in the future.

I strive to be a beacon of light, to serve in love. If unforgiveness is the darkness that leads my life then I will fall down and be a part of life’s problems.

I choose forgiveness so that I can be free to see all sides of every situation in order to move through, feel and heal from painful moments in life.

Perhaps I was meant to experience challenges in life in order for someone else to take notice and embrace their challenges instead of drowning in their own personal struggles.

Forgiveness lives in us all…it does not discriminate who it picks to heal.

Forgiveness loves, accepts and says I’ll try again tomorrow.

Take a leap of faith..just try it…feel the freedom as it wisps against your face and as it slowly sweeps through your soul.

Forgiveness is not about the other person, situation or the challenge you solely had to or will face.

Forgiveness is about YOU and within YOU. It is the deep dark barrier that you must break through in order to find peace in your heart and soul so you can experience freedom to just simply live your life in peace.

With forgiveness comes freedom to authentically experience love; a love that will positively shine a light upon you and will encourage you to move through every defining moment in life you will face.

My forgiveness in not “perfect.” I work at it daily.  I still allow people to hurt me with their words, with their bitterness and with their consistent negligent behaviors that affect others in a negative way. The difference is I embrace the freedom to forgive. I have a choice and I choose, with Gods  Grace, to have compassion for their misunderstanding and to forgive them for what they yet do not know.

Forgiveness blooms in the darkest depths of life. Trying it never hurt anyone.❤️

This world needs love, compassion and understanding.

The only way this is going to happen is if we dig deep inside and work to forgive.

None of us are too far gone, to hopeless to try. When we aim to forgive our hearts will naturally unite and the spark that will be lit will pave the way to a hopeful future for us all.

Forgiveness will grant you pure freedom that is only one leap away. The choice is yours. Now, if on a day you fail to forgive..hold on, it’s okay as we are all human.

Try again tomorrow… stay determined. There is Freedom in Forgiveness.


*Image by Melissa Robinson

*TimeLess Widow Unveils Forgiveness

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  • Incredible as always. Such inspiring words from someone so incredibly wise. Your words certainly make one think and of course lighten any negative feelings. Life is not meant to be perfect and I have to remind myself of that daily!

    • Thank you Denise for the read and the beautiful comment. I am grateful to God always for the words to describe the feelings he has layed on my heart. And you are so right…there is no perfection…we learn daily from our trials of imperfection….I would rather learn them then for “them” to be handed to me…Not to say that I would not have loved to have life just a little bit different but embracing the life that I have is where I am supposed to be. I strive to love, embrace every challenge and work to forgive myself more than anyone. Grateful for you! Melissa

  • You are an inspiration to us all! I look forward to following this. 💞

    • Thank you Dawn! I am so grateful for your comment and grateful that you have read my blog!
      Hopefully there will be much more to come!! Hope you are well! I think of Trish and you, too so often! I honor your loss always!!!

  • Sweetie I will support you in any and all endeavors. I regret I am not a wealthy widow and could send $$, but I can send love and prayers, and genuine thanks for that moment we shared in the Hallway in 2018…. a most unforgettable moment of grace and truth. If ever needed again, just call…. I am here!

    • I would never ask or want money, Bonnie! I am just looking to share in life what I have come to know! Peace, strength, Gods Grace and his Wisdom if we ask….:)- You are a wonderful woman and I, too remember our time and love you fully! Have a wonderful day filled with nothing less than love! Melissa

  • So uplifting! I really enjoyed reading this. I look forward to more. ❤️

    • Thank you Jody! I am so grateful that you took the time to read! I really appreciate you! xoo


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